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Innovation and sleek, contemporary styling are just the beginning at JAVA DESIGNS. From its inception in 2006, our company works individually with each client to design the best possible house to suit their needs and lifestyle. Our designers place a special emphasis on both commercial and residential projects. 


Inspiration by Collaboration 

JAVA DESIGNS brings vivid international inspiration as well as diverse talent to every project. Our designer team works with builders, developers, homeowners, and other designers. We work extensively within the Vancouver Island market and also do custom homes throughout much of Canada.


Move over, Feng Shui 

The feelings you experience in your newly designed spaces are an amalgamation of emotion and functional design. Our experts pinpoint the desired atmosphere and purpose of the space you want to create and deliver a finished product that meets not just your needs but your every whim. Together you and the team at JAVA DESIGNS can design and create the perfect setting for your dreams.


"where lines on paper become walls on site"

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